SpeakOut 10-29

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Political issues continue

I am a Democrat, and I am against abortion and Gays, but Bush said he is for pro-life and against gays then while he was in office. Why didn't he do anything about abortion these last 8 years? However, I'm more concerned about our health care, and apparently no one is really paying attention to how McCain's health care will work. Here is an example, and if you don't believe me then check it out for yourself. You can go to www.mccainrevealed.org. The way it works you will get a $5000 tax credit (sounds good) to buy your own health insurance with. Remember the pre-existing conditions will not be covered, only the healthy people it would work best - for until you get sick. Let's say, your income is $55, 000 a year, and you got sick and went to the hospital under his health care, and the hospital charge you $55,000 for your bills, and this is not counting any medicine or come back visit. At the end of the year when you file your taxes you will paying taxes on $110,00 instead of $55,000. This is the truth, and as far as Medicare and Medicaid it will be reduced down to half than what it is now, and you will be paying more out of pocket. I have a son that is really severe and it really would be hard for me to get health insurance for him under his plan. If you do not believe me please just check this out for yourself. Why would anyone want to cheat their self out of health care I will never understand. If he wins, and when you realize what I have been trying to tell people all along, then there is no need to cry about it, when you have no health insurance. The only thing I can do is move out of state and take my child where there is free health care. So think about this, every time you say it is just lies and they're just lying on him remember this when you say they were only trying to tell us the truth and we wouldn't listen to them and now what are we going to do? All, I can say about this is you can't say you wasn't told. Also, when McCain dies then Sarah will be the president. If this is what you really want then vote for him but all I can say is check it out for yourself. Please you owe yourself that much.


It's time to be upfront and admit that it is in the best interest of the GOP to suppress the vote and, for the first time, the Democrats have had the backbone to call them on the false allegations of Democratic voter fraud. Way to go Barack!

Passing the bucks

I read in one of the articles about all the Republicans had spent on the war. You should keep up with how it works. The minority can never do much in Congress and that is who spends all the money. It takes 218 in the House to pass anything - the Republicans only have 195.

Ain't that a shame

I hope residents of Cape Girardeau will rise in unison and roundly repudiate Rush Limbaugh's bottom feeding lie that distinguished war hero, Allied Commander, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and President Bush's Secretary of State Republican Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama exclusively because of race. This is beyond shameful.

Democratic endorsement

Why did the Chicago Tribune endorse Barack Obama when it has never before endorsed a Democrat for president? The Chicago Tribune's roots are in the party of Abraham Lincoln and, sadly, that wing of the party has been cooped by the crazies.

Unconvincing and irrelevant

Recently published anti-Obama SpeakOut comments are articulate, lucid, somewhat lengthy, unconvincing, and, ultimately, irrelevant.

My way or the highway

This article addressing MoDOT is extremely biased AND uninformed. A) There is no interstate 60 between Charleston and Sikeston. If the author has been making the drive for 10 years he should know that by now. I-57 and Highway 60 are two very different items. B) The money for the flashing signs that ol' Dave Jenkins calls "wasted" is dictated to MoDOT how to use for "safety improvements". C) The mile markers every two-tenths of a "stinkin" mile are cheaper for MoDOT to maintain than the old system. But someone that thinks that they drive on I-60 everyday might not know that. The old system consisted of white reflectors every tenth of a mile, and a sign saying "Mile X" every mile. The white reflectors were run over constantly. The new system is hit far less frequently, and consists of breakaway posts that bend down in front of a vehicle. Suppose you are from out of state and you witness an accident, and pull over to help. If all you have is a sign saying "mile X" how are you going to tell 911 where to send help? The new system assists motorists far more. D) Dave Jenkins wants MoDOT to improve the "awful" roads. Has he driven from Illinois to Charleston on I-60...oops..I mean I-57. Yes there is road construction. If Mr. Jenkins was in the road construction business instead of the slander business he would see that those construction areas consisted of concrete repairs. Repairs that is - not NEW concrete. Furthermore if Mr. Jenkins did the smallest amount of research he could easily find out that there are in fact resurfacing projects scheduled to overlay Interstate 60..wait..57. These projects are continuing to be scaled down and pushed back. Why? The price of asphalt has more than doubled in the last few years (just in case Mr. Jenkins does not know, asphalt does include petroleum products). MoDOT is being expected to work with a shrinking budget and more expensive materials. Again, a tiny bit of research would reveal the fact that MoDOT's budget is going down the tube. This would also reveal the FACT that MoDOT won the Missouri Quality Award, and is being watched and emulated by countless other DOTs as a model of efficiency. And yet that is not enough. It is not enough that MoDOT is being forced to meet higher expectations than ever. Not enough that MoDOT has to get by with less money. No, there is no pleasing some people that have nothing better to do than sling mud. How about the Sikeston Standard Democrat actually running a NON-biased and well researched article? And reveal to the readers that MoDOT IS doing a good job even though it is being forced to do far more with far less.

A) My name is David, not Dave. B) Yes I made a mistake by writing Interstate 60. I guess I was too busy trying to avoid the bumps in the road and "road repairs" to see the sign. Obviously people should never ask me for directions. C) Libel is written, slander is spoken. Big difference, like Interstate 60... oops Interstate 57. D) My column is opinion and therefore allowed to be biased. E) I, like many drivers, are tired of seeing highway signs and road construction and then hearing excuses of why our roads are so bad. You can win all the awards you want but that doesn't mean one thing to those of us who drive on the roads that are in bad condition.

Much ado about nothing

All this nonsense about Obama and A.C.O.R.N. is much ado about what is actually nothing and still another desperate attempt by the GOP to suppress the vote and steal the election. It's not going to happen this time.

It blows

I live in spitting distance from the stupid train, which blows all hours of the day and night! My children refuse to play outside because of the stupid train and when I mow the yard - well let me say I would love to throw stones. Okay, really this is crazy to live in a home and pay high lease payments and your children refuse to play outside in a fenced yard because the train blows so loud it will bust your ears. And when I am on the phone the other party can hear the train. Now that is quite the deal.

Read the story

To the person that said the Bible is a storybook. I would ask you, have you read any of the story? The Bible is the inspired word of God. If you cannot see anything of God around you, open your eyes. The trees, flower, rain, storms - they are all God showing His glory. Not Mother Nature, but God Almighty! I'll quote on scripture, Exodus 4:11. The Lord said to him (Moses) who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord? I prayed for you, whoever you are, and will continue to do so. Obama is not the antiChrist or the devil's advocate. Be careful what you say, you will answer for it to the Lord.

Keep on dodgin' DeWitt

As a Dodger season ticket holder, I have to say that DeWitt is a very impressive individual. He was thrust into the spotlight and handled it as good as anyone could. It seemed as he had nerves of steel since it didn't matter if we were in a playoff run or in the NLCS, he always seemed level headed and grounded. This all helped attribute to his success and hopefully lead him to a bright future - hopefully a Dodger for a long time to come.

Lots of noise

We have a noise problem in Miner which is effecting a lot of people. We have tried numerous times to address this situation with no results. How do you get a business to compromise with people so they sleep easier and enjoy some quiet weekends? Is there anyone else out there?

Here's my two cents

In regards to the half-cent sales tax, if it doesn't pass why would the other departments be affected? The tax is for law enforcement which would be the jail up keep, cars, salaries - deputies, jailers and support staff, not the other departments. Until it can be shown how this money will be used and which department will receive it, I cannot support it. The economy has a majority of the citizens hurting enough without poor management from our commissioners. I would like to see what is expended from the Sheriff's department monthly and what could be cut back or stopped altogether before I agree to give any more of my hard earned money to a department that is suppose to be bringing in money for the county not expending it all.