SpeakOut 10-30

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a weenie

This is to the person who couldn't find a hotdog bun for their family cookout. So you couldn't find a hotdog bun to put your weenie on and you blamed the Obama campaign for not planning ahead. Well, didn't you know you had a family cookout planned? Why didn't you plan ahead and buy your hotdog buns early? Seriously, there is so many important things going on in this world. Our stock market is collapsing, there are families that are homeless because their homes have been repossessed and people have lost their jobs and can't even buy a weenie, much less a piece of bread due to the recession we are going through right now. There are families that wish they had their family members here with them so they could have family weekend cookouts, but they are soldiers overseas fighting and dying so you can make stupid comments in SpeakOut. So typical of a narrow minded, self centered Republican. You are so shallow!

Making our mark

Kudos to Mike on his editorial about tattoos isn't the biggest issue in education. First time caller for SpeakOut and would also like to point out that in general those of us that do have tattoos don't care whether anyone else has them or not. It seems that those who do not have tattoos are quickest to judge those of us that do. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

To tell the truth

Regarding the debate, I don't understand why Obama did not condemn ACORN and the attempt to undermine a legitimate election. All we expect is an honest election. Also, why didn't McCain come out and say that redistribution of wealth is Socialism? Our American values have always been tied to hard work, which leads to success. We have seen where too much welfare leads. Not a pretty picture.

No renewal

This is in regards to the county trying to push the law enforcement tax again. On Sunday, Aug. 3, in the Southeast Missourian paper, Sheriff Walters said he was against the tax because there was an income producing thing going on at the jail where 30 federal detainees could be held in the jail if there was room. If not, Scott City, Chaffee or other departments would be paid $25 a day for holding those inmates while the county would get $56 per day. Now they're saying our jail stays full all the time. I'm sorry, you signed the agreement. If you knew we didn't have room to hold the inmates, you shouldn't have said we were going to hold federal detainees there. No means no. No tax increase. No tax renewal. Enough is enough.

He's got the Blues

I am a subscriber to your paper and I'm a Blues hockey fan. Would you please put the schedule and scores of the St. Louis Blues hockey in the paper?

Channeling votes

From what I'm hearing, the television channels are pretty much running this election with Fox News all Republican and NBC and CBS Democrat. Are these channels owned by the different parties? That's what it sounds like and something needs to be done.


If you think Democrats care, go to You Tube and punch in Burning down the House. Watch the clip about our Democratic party and where our houses crisis came from. I'm voting Republican.

Higher and higher

They were talking about people being gouged on gas prices. Have they ever thought about the people being gouged by store prices in this town and others, raising prices higher than what they are supposed to be?

Gay is just a word

This is in response to Gay is not the way. I would like to know when God said it was okay to judge His children? God made me the way I am but I have to hide due to the fear that I will be discovered and looked down upon. The word gay has nothing to do with anything, it's just a word. What I am is in love. Love is a beautiful feeling. When you meet the right person, no one, not even the close-minded people can stop it. Our world is being taken over by the new generation. Like it or not, soon you will be the odd one out. Don't expect to be judged by us. We have too much love in our hearts to even dream about passing judgment. If you pay close enough attention, being gay is accepted more than you think. Open your eyes. Love your neighbor or are you a sinner too?

In simple language

Mr. Jensen, before we vote on these propositions, would you please explain them in simple language so we'll know what the question was? I can read a whole page and article, and when I get done, I don't know what the question was. Explain these to us so we'll know how we're voting.

You feel lucky, punk?

This is to It's a cover up. You are a little punk. I don't care whose sign you stole to cover up anybody else's sign. You stole, no matter how you look at it. And then you put it in SpeakOut and bragged about it. I hope they find out who you are and sock your little butt in the jail or juvenile something another. You sure are a smart-mouthed little thing, bragging about stealing.

Must've read the story

This is to the person that doesn't believe in the Bible. If you don't believe in the Bible, how in the world can you accuse somebody of being an antichrist. You must have read the Bible somewhere. It sure ain't going to be Obama. He's going to be our next president and I sure am gonna vote for him.


I just found a new thing on my computer called Topix and you can go in and put what you think about different things. I read where they wanted a new name for the East Prairie Eagles. I think quite frankly I'd prefer MC's Eagles over East Prairie.

Still don't get it

The people still do not get it. The president does not spend money, Congress does. Look what a Democratic Congress has done for us. The problem is America is a country that wastes, spends money they don't have and tries to keep up with the Jones's. Then they expect someone to bail them out.

Rams and Cowboys

How 'bout them Cowboys against the Rams? Ha, ha!

Buy instead of lease

This is about the article about the Scott County Commission considering buying or leasing the automobiles for the sheriff's department. To me, this should be the Commission's job to find out what they can lease these cars for, not the sheriff's department. If they can buy them for about the same price as it cost to lease them, why would you want to lease the vehicle when you could sell it anytime you wanted. You wouldn't have to keep it for three years if you didn't want to. If you were tied into a lease, you would have to keep it for three years. I don't know why you would want to lease a vehicle. I'd rather see them buy them than lease them.

A catastrophe

I would like somebody to go down on William Street and see that mess they call a business. Somebody needs to get rid of that. That's a catastrophe.

A new bag

I would like someone to tell me where I could buy vacuum cleaner bags for an Oreck vacuum cleaner in the Sikeston area.

Get ready 'cause here he comes

I've got something to say to all the rich, snobbish, nose in the air, one percent of Sikekston that can cause everything in this town. Get ready. We're gonna have a black man for president. It's going to be about change. And you know what, you rich people of Sikeston that are so against change, get ready 'cause we're going to have a Democrat back in the White House. Obama rules.