SpeakOut 1-05

Monday, January 5, 2009

No frills for farmers

This is to the SpeakOut on Dec. 26, Cut out the extras. You dope! So businesses are cutting back because people have no money to buy. What's your miff with farmers? They work 10 times more than the ordinary guy. They get up at daybreak and you don't see them again till dark. They don't work by a watch. If some of these dead heads would work, that's the problem with this area around here. People want to be begged to work. They would rather sIt home and draw welfare and beat on their wives and kids. And how do you know about what extras farmers get? I know of no extras. When the gas prices fall, the prices of the grain fall. They make crops with high-priced fuel and fertilizer and seed. Now, price has dropped but we still have to pay for all the high expenses of making a crop. In the end there is no money, and you are lucky if you pay your bills. From now on, if you know nothing, then talk about nothing.

What a load

I wonder why Mississippi County, especially Charleston, can't unload the recycling trailer more often. Every time I go out there to load my stuff, go out there to put it in, it's always full. Then I've got to take it back home and try to do it again. I'm gonna start putting the stuff in the dumpster. What's the point of having it if it's always full?

One day at a time

My New Year's resolution is to dread one day at a time.

High-priced houses

With all the high prices and everything closing down, the stock market about to crash, you all still continue to sell houses that are not worth the price you are asking for them. They're maybe worth about $70 or $80,000. They want you to get a fixed loan for these $180 to $200 or $300,000 houses. That way you'll have a big payment anyway. But when everything drops and crashes, we're going to lose everything anyway. If you really want to sell a home, lower the cost down to what they really should be costing, instead of opening the door up where you cheat us and double up the price on the houses. That's exactly what you've been doing. I don't want to buy one. I want to wait and see if the economy crashes before I get stuck with another payment.

A good subscriber

I just want to say, this is to the retired people at Pharris Ridge. I didn't get my paper for three days either, but I don't care if it takes three days or six days, I do not want my carrier getting killed just to bring me a newspaper.