SpeakOut 1-09

Friday, January 9, 2009

No money to spend

This is to all the stores that claimed they have lost so much money this year all because people aren't buying like they once did. What do they expect from us? They all had this big idea, let's close our stores down over here in U.S., and open up stores where we don't have to pay our workers no more $5 a day, and no health and dental insurance. We can get them to make it cheap, and bring it back over here to sell high to the sucker to buy. What happens? Sooner or later even the sucker won't be able to buy because they have no money, no job. If we don't have jobs, then how can we buy when we have to scrape every penny up just to buy foods and rent, bills, etc. Then now they are crying cause people aren't spending like they used to do. If they want us to buy and spend, they need to bring their jobs back over here, if they don't then they need to keep their cheap stuff over there to sell. All these stores, I mean all of them, buy from China, Mexico. All those places where it might cost 50 cents for a blouse, then bring it over here to sell from $12- 45, depending on who's selling it. I wonder how much dumber we can get? We need to get together and stop this, and demand our jobs be brought back. And one more thing, someone called in and said the next thing you know Obama will sell us out to Japan. I'm sorry, but haven't you heard by now, there is nothing else to sell. Bush has done sold us out to China. All I can say, it time you wake up and smell the coffee.

Clearinghouse bailout

I was just wondering if this Publisher Clearinghouse was true, that they could pay you out $5,000 a week. I don't believe it. That's a lot of money. If they had all that money, they could pay out this mess the government is in.


With so many people looking for work and all these empty Senate seats up for grabs, someone needs to start a new business: SenateTemps - "Call SenateTemps, hey, we couldn't do any worse. Call SenateTemps, when it doesn't matter WHO is in there. Indictments taking longer than expected? Call SenateTemps today!"