Hot rhetoric boils over the Tea Party

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now let me see if I have this straight. The leftist, progressive, quasi-socialist Democratic party elite gets their britches in a wad when Sarah Palin has a mock bulls-eye on targeted Congressional seats but ignores it when precious Maxine Waters says the Tea Party "can go to hell!"?

The leaders of both parties call for cooler rhetoric and even hold hands during the State of the Union address, but Maxine didn't get the memo?

So dear ol' Maxine - the same one under Congressional investigation for some shady banking insider deals - is speaking to her "peeps" this past weekend and amid the sea of purple SEIU union shirts, she decides to tell the Tea Party they can go to hell.

Maxine actually has nothing against the Tea Party. She just dislikes white conservatives. And since she is a highly respected member of the ultra-exclusive Congressional Black Caucus, her choice of heated rhetoric is ignored.

Maxine is confused. What she obviously meant to say is that anyone who disagrees with her progressive agenda can go to hell. Taxpayers who foot the bill for her countless welfare programs can go to hell. Republicans who oppose her spending orgy can go to hell. And those who would dare to accuse HER of inappropriate banking deals can clearly go to hell.

Poor Maxine is so confused. She actually believes there is an organized and highly funded Tea Party. She believes that this right-wing conspiracy is designed to siphon the funds she hands to her followers.

Here's the confusion Maxine my dear. Those who support fiscal conservatives, who believe in personal responsibility, who want the freedom to improve their lives without redistributing their "wealth" to others who make different choices - well those are the folk who would likely support someone from the Tea Party movement.

But that doesn't fit with the description of Maxine's America. Her America is one where everyone shares without regard to their sacrifice. Her America is one where diversity trumps merit. Her America is one where those who produce are required to provide for those who don't regardless of the circumstances.

I have to admit one dark, little secret. From time to time, I lack the opportunity or the initiative to fully study some of the countless issues coming from Washington. And when those rare instances do arise and I am confused - like Maxine - well I have one tried and true formula. I just see how Maxine feels about the topic and I know full well, I feel just the opposite. So in some ways, I depend on Maxine. But don't tell her.

But maybe Maxine is right. Maybe someone here should be headed to hell. But just like that tried-and-true formula, I think Maxine and I may differ slightly on just who should head in that direction.

Unfortunately, I suspect Maxine and some of her followers have already reached their destination.

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