Sikeston native works to increase awareness about the deaf-blind

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SIKESTON -- For starters, organizations such as the American Association of the Deaf-Blind are not for deaf people and blind people.

"They are strictly for the deaf-blind, so you have to have visual impairment as well as the hearing impairment," said Abby Pfefferkorn, a Sikeston native who is deaf-blind and has lived in St. Louis for about six years. "There's about 100,000, give or take in the nation, of people who have been accounted for being deaf-blind."

And Pfefferkorn said there are plenty more that haven't been accounted for as well.

"A lot of people probably at first have trouble accepting their visual or hearing limitations so they do not want the label placed on them," she said. "They feel there is a stigma being labeled deaf-blind."

Getting the word out about the deaf-blind is exactly what Pfefferkorn and other participants were trying to do Saturday with the Deaf-Blind Walk for Awareness at Brentwood Memorial Park in St. Louis.

"It went very well. We had a nice turnout," she said. "I would say about 100 people were at the walk this year."

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