Friday, June 14, 2013

Hot on warming

I see where Obama went to China and all he talked about was global warming. He forgot about all the hacking and stuff they've been doing to our country. What a joke! The president has struck again. He ought to be run out of office. He ought to be impeached.

Seen this singer?

I've been seeing a lot of the younger singers going around and singing in talent shows. I just wondered what happened to the young girl that was a piano player for Gordon Beaver all through high school. She was a real good singer. She had a beautiful voice, a God-given voice, and she sang in a lot of churches. I just wonder what happened to her and if she still sings.

You don't forget a child

You know all those freaks going around leaving these babies in their cars and letting them get too hot and die, if they would charge some of these people with manslaughter and do a little investigating, they would find out these people don't really love their children. You don't forget a child if you ever had a child and love that child. You do not forget a baby in a hot car. They need to be put in prison.