Saturday, July 6, 2013

A cut above the others

This is Lawanda Douglas in East Prairie, and I simply want to thank the gentleman and his missis that delivers the newspapers in East Prairie daily. They do a better job than anyone ever has, and we appreciate it very much.

Unhappy about gay marriage

I've been watching the news and this gay marriage deal, it stinks! I know it stinks in the eyes of God because there's nothing right about that. The Bible plainly speaks that it is a woman for a man and a man for a woman. Anyone with half-sense knows that.

A difference of opinion

I would like to comment to the person that said Zimmerman was right. Zimmerman was wrong. And for the person to say that Zimmerman was right, he wasn't right at all. He wasn't even supposed to be following Trayvon Martin when the incident occurred. The police told him not to follow him, and he followed him anyway and this is what the result turned into. As far as the person commenting on this, I believe if you would have done the same thing you would have been in the same situation as Zimmerman is in now. You need to wait for the outcome before you decide that you would have done the same thing.