Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Didn't go extra mile on yard

Over in Charleston, I see so many well-manicured yards with so much effort to see that they stay that way. Each month there are first, second and third residential and one business that gets recognition. Last month was a joke. Two of the four yards were pitiful. Each of those two blew their grass clippings into the street for their neighbors to deal with or let the rain wash them away to stop up the sewer drains and have water all in the street. This is something I know that the city discourages. And grass grows over the edges of the curbs and the sidewalks. There are so many pretty yards in Charleston and how these two were selected leads me to believe that the judges wear blinders.

Gotcha covered

Just wanted to let you know that your new rain covers for The Standard are working real good. My paper was out a couple of weeks ago for about two hours in the rain, and it was as dry as it could be.

Justice or vengeance

In response to this speakout on July 9, where the caller is saying shame on you for printing a prior comment saying Zimmerman was right in relation to the Trayvon Martin infamous case. I'd just like to say that if anybody was watching this trial or just looking at the facts before the trial, everybody knows that the prosecution of George Zimmerman is just a political witch hunt. It is racially motivated by a biased press that has brought so much attention to it and disturbed the facts, took things out of context and made so many people believe a lie. Maybe this caller is one of them, or maybe they are just racially motivated as well. It's very evident that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense, after he had been attacked, beat to the ground, being straddled and beaten in the face, head slammed on the concrete. He was in fear for his life. In Florida, it is legal to use deadly force when you think your life is in danger. I'd like to get that person on the ground, beat them in the face, slam their head into the concrete and see if they had a weapon if they wouldn't pull it out and use it on me. It's altogether different when it's you. Right now, this caller is racially motivated and prejudiced, who wants to see this hispanic (which they think is white, but he's not), they just want vengeance. They want to see him killed or at least spend his life in prison because they think someone of their color, someone the press has said, somehow is a special class and privileged. They want vengeance and that's all it is.