Friday, July 19, 2013

What's on the label?

One question should have been asked about the crop-dusting. Not will it hurt to swim in it, but what are you spraying? And then, you find out the hazards. I would not let my kids swim in it. The farmer who said, "No comment," was also a red flag. In other words, don't bother me with questions about your health. Herbicides, and especially defoliants, are powerful and yes, they do cause cancer. If a farmer told me no comment, my next call would be to a lawyer. Also, the crop-duster has variables on where he can fly. He cannot fly over your house less than 300 feet and he cannot spray close enough to your home that a breeze would blow it to your home. Bottom line, if he does and your pets die or the leaves fall off in mid-summer or your trees die, the crop-duster is liable for your loss. If an area needs to be sprayed that is too close to animals or people and is a health risk, the farmer has to do it by hand or with a tractor in a manner to protect others.

Hang 'em high

I was listening to the news where they were talking about Missouri may bring back the gas chamber. Why don't they do it like they did in the Wild West days, just take them out and shoot or hang them?