Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Animals not at fault

This goes out to the person who put in about "Poor Fido" in Morley. These dogs are probably dumped or people don't care. You made the comment, "Why don't you just shoot 'em?" Would you shoot a child if he ran away? Or would you shoot a child if he wasn't chained up? Would you want to be chained up like a dog is with no shelter, no food and no water? Maybe these dogs escaped from cruelty. Why don't you start being realistic? Instead of blaming the poor dogs, blame the owners. The dogs don't know any better. They are just innocent little children, except they are four-legged. Why don't you get a life and quit blaming these poor animals for doing nothing that they are not supposed to do? They don't know any better, you do.

Just a little squirt

I live here in Sikeston. Every year we hear the sprayer come by for mosquitoes and everything. This year, I've only heard it one time, and it passed my house going at least 30 miles an hour with the sprayer going. And there wasn't hardly any spray that hit my house or the neighbors. I went out last night, the mosquitoes are so bad that you can't stay out there no time at all. I mean they are just like a swarm of bees. Do we need to raise taxes again? What do we need to do to get them to start spraying for mosquitoes? People are gonna start getting sick if they don't start spraying for them. If somebody knows why we aren't getting sprayed, I wish they would tell me and I'll try to start helping out and maybe buy a gallon or two of that stuff if they'll start spraying it out.