Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey, he's got our stuff!

I live in Sikeston and me and four different neighbors in our one-block area have had bicycles, lawnmowers and several other items stole from all. I, myself, called the police and told them the vehicle and what was stolen at my house, told them where the person works and told them where the person lives. The police told me since the person lived in Morehouse that they would not be able to do nothing about it unless they caught that person with the items in the city limits of Sikeston. I think that's crazy. I talked to a couple of neighbors about it and we just can't understand how that is correct. I even called the Department of Public Safety a second time and they sent a supervisor out and said it would be turned over to a detective, and they said that was correct and unless they caught the person inside the city limits of Sikeston they could do nothing about it.

If the person lives in the city of Morehouse, perhaps the Morehouse Police Department could help you; if outside the city limits, either New Madrid or Scott County Sheriff's Department, depending on which county the residence is located.

Missing management ad

A few of us have the following question. We understand that the city of Sikeston is seeking a city manager. Any idea if or when Sikeston will direct any of the $25,000 they're paying a search from to run an ad in your newspaper listing the job qualifications? We haven't seen any job ads in your paper about the city manager opening. Seems like the city or the town should first be looking at home.