Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's the big deal?

I don't know what the big fuss is about the rodeo clown when it's just Republicans showing their ignorance like they do every day in this paper.

Barking up the wrong tree

Hey there, we keep reading about complaints of the welfare babies, welfare mommies, the lack of welfare daddies. It's great to call SpeakOut and complain. It's a great forum. But you complainers about welfare babies, you are barking up the wrong tree. You're peeing in the wind and the ocean. You need to call your state representatives and your state senators and your U.S. reps and ask them when this system is going to change, and what they're doing to change the system. You might also ask them to give you a comparison between Scott County and other counties in Missouri which are under the welfare gun. Thank you and good luck.

Protect us all

About the drugs and the drug heads and the drunks at a certain housing authority on government property, those people are to be protected. What about us other citizens that are to be protected? I happen to know about drugs and alcohol going on at a certain housing authority. Why isn't some of this being brought up? They say you have to prove it. Hey, they don't have to prove it. All they have to do is walk in some of them places. That needs to be cleaned up so some of the people that deserve it can be protected.

The wonderful world of color

I'd like to speakout about the editorial on Wednesday, Aug. 14, in SpeakOut about "Opposite opinions," about Obama being a racist and a liar and it was all about his color. I guess that rodeo clown getting fired from the PBR and not never being able to participate wasn't about the color either. It's all about racism. They don't think they should have jokes played on them. They had a movie out with Carter and Reagan's heads on a bank robber. Why would they think it would be any different for a black man to be posed as a rodeo clown than white people being that way? They just want to holler racism.

Don't breathe to me

I just got in from town a few minutes ago and my phone was ringing off the hook. I was trying to get my groceries put away, but I went to answer the phone, and this guy was hard-breathing. I want to tell him one thing. I know who he is, and if he don't speak up. I'm gonna report him. I am gonna report him to his wife. He better keep his breathing to himself. I want nothing to do with him. Leave me alone, creep.