Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rotten to the Core

Parents beware in the state of Missouri the curriculum common core is being implemented in our public schools. Common core is an enemy to our precious children. The textbooks developed today reflect the intention to control the content of every mind. Let's reject them and return to the classical forms of intellectual development -- grammar, logic and rhetoric. Impose standards to impress an awareness of real versus unreal at every level of learning. Let them think for themselves and then decide. Tell them that every lie conceals truth, for such is the purpose of a lie. Gain ground by reason and passion to do what is right and good. If you have school-aged children, you need to research all aspects of the common core curriculum.

Time to take a stand

Most Americans are concerned and outraged by what is happening with our elite elected officials in D.C. Please consider and think of what our children and grandchildren and all that come after us will inherit. If it were not for watchdog groups and other concerned citizens, who actually take the time to slow the march toward socialism, we would already be a third world country. We must take a stand now.

Pumping up the crowd

This is for "Clowning around with the president," the clown at the circus or the rodeo was not disbarred because he was having fun with Obama or for that fact any other president. The problem was that he got the crowd pumped up and said, "Do you want to see the bull run him down?" That was what was disgraceful. Not the fact that Obama is black. Not the fact that he is a Democrat or not the fact that he just shouldn't be picked on. Everybody clowns around or has fun with every president since way back when. Please remember this is because he got the crowd pumped and asked them if they wanted to see the bull run the president down. That's where the distaste came in. It was very disgraceful on their behalf.

Three years ago

What is your life purpose? Are you haunted every day knowing that you changed lives forever? Or you have no soul and never give it a second thought to what you did? As the years go by, I can only feel great sorrow for you. Karma. What you sow you reap.