Sunday, September 15, 2013

War of the words

Once more, we see the magnitude of the tragedy of Iraq because the decision on Syria is so colored by the fact that an American president and vice president took us to war in the Middle East on false pretenses and juiced up intelligence, dragging the country into an emotionally and financially exhausting decade of war and an identity crisis about our role in the world.

Lest we forget, that president received the approval of Congress before we engaged.

Good and bad programs

I was reading in the paper about that backpack for students. That's a good program, and I know there's a lot of kids hungry for no fault of anybody. But these old gals that get food stamps and WIC and sell their food stamps for drugs and drinks and gambling and keep up men, that's ridiculous. They ought to put them in jail is what they should do. Forget the men and take care of your children. Don't gamble. Don't drink. The government needs to investigate more of this stuff and get them old gals off of their back and make them take care of their children like they are supposed to.

Charter complainer again

The person called in complaining about Charter Cable channel 204, major league baseball network and FLIX movie channel 179, that person was totally correct. Every time you try to watch a ballgame on 204 or a movie on 179, there is constantly a sign that says that this channel should be available shortly. It should say that this channel could be available shortly cause it's always out and we're paying for this crap. Don't the Charter employees watch these channels? And if they do, don't they report these outages? So much for good service.

Kidney funds

I see in the paper that we have a former resident of Sikeston that needs a kidney. I think if the way that Sikeston gets together and blesses people and sends money to them for things they really need, I think it would be wonderful to do that. His name is Hubert Allred, 1111 North East Third Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33304. I believe if we get some money sent down there to him, then he will get to have this kidney transplant that he needs. I pray that you do and the Lord will bless you.