Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bumps in the road

Highway D in Scott County, going toward Cargill Buffalo Island, is like driving on a roller coaster. It's bumpy. There's dips and sways. It's time to repave Highway D.

Here kitty, kitty

My cat is missing, and it is yellow. I'm really concerned that the one found might really be my cat, but I don't really want to put my number in SpeakOut. Is there anyway that I can find out if this is around the Charleston area that this cat was found?

- - -

I am missing a long-tailed yellow cat. You can call me at 471-1460.

Don't park in my spot

I have lived at an apartment complex in Sikeston for many, many years. And now, our manager does not care who parks in our parking spots. It plainly says that if anyone parks in these slots that don't live here, they will be towed away. That is a lie. I wish something would be done. I can't even park where I normally park at in my parking spot. I wish somebody would do something about it. I hope you put this in SpeakOut or the issue will not be addressed.