Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cut it out

Just read Jason Smith's article about ending Obamacare exemptions for Congress. Why don't you be a real legislator and a citizen legislator and cut yourself in the retirement and the benefits and all the exorbitant salaries of Congress? We had a man running for election that would have cut his own salary. But no, we chose Jason Smith. Thank you very much Jo Ann Emerson.

Grow up, Obama

I think it is time that our president quit acting like a spoiled, little rich kid and get with the senators and the congressmen and get this country back on track. I know he thinks he has to have everything his way, but he needs to grow up and act like a human being and not a little kid. The senators and congressmen need to do the same thing. You know it takes give and take to run this country.

Coverage, more or less?

Many Republicans claim to prefer the idea of mental health care expansion over more restricted gun laws. Yet many of those same Republicans are against expanding Medicaid despite rural hospital CEOs and Chamber of Commerce and ministers pleading for them to accept the federal funding. An Ohio governor is fighting to expand Medicaid coverage in his state. Why would he do that - because he thinks Jesus wants him to help poor people. If you think Medicaid needs to be expanded in Missouri, you need to contact your representative. There is a very good chance of this not happening unfortunately.