Friday, October 18, 2013

Just drop it

I am calling to comment about the speakout about second class treatment in regards to the mailbox in Charleston. If the person would have read the paper a couple of weeks ago, there was an article explaining that there is only one person in the post office now and they would have to close the window to go get the mail when it was on the other street. If this person doesn't like to get out of the car, there is still a drive through drop mailbox by Boomland. All they have to do is go by that one instead of the one at the post office.

Can't understand

I'd like to speakout about all these phone calls we are getting where there are foreigners on there. We can't understand them. They keep asking questions of us because we can't understand. I would prefer not to get this kind of call. If you are gonna call me, put an American on there so I can understand what they are saying.

Closed for repairs

I was shocked that the whole northern section of the city was closed due to the railroad construction. I talked to the mayor and he answered questions, but some on the council did not return my calls. This city needs to think about public safety. I miss the city manager we had. I don't believe he would have let this happen. Please take note.

A league of his own

It scares me and should you too when Russia is pulling the rug out from under us and leading the way on how to deal with Syria. Obama is way out of his league. He is a total embarrassment to the United States. He is an inexperienced community organizer in the office of presidency.

Where's the patriotism?

I cannot believe that the government is doing veterans like they are doing. If anybody deserves anything, it's our veterans. And those dumb butts that have got the government shutdown should not get their backpay. People have lost their jobs and they won't get their backpay. They should give those veterans and their families what they deserve. They have given lives and limbs and it's ridiculous how they are doing those people.