Saturday, October 19, 2013

Food for thought

Just finished reading the speakout "Oh Deere." Someone is complaining about driving 10 miles an hour behind a tractor. Obviously you were talking on your cellphone while you were driving. Which is more dangerous - talking on your cellphone while driving or driving 10 miles an hour behind a tractor? The tractor is just trying to get to the next field to grow your food so you can spend the smallest amount of your disposable income for your food.

Shut up or pay up

CNN and all the other news media have been reporting and destroyed Paula Deen's business. Just another example of a news media that keeps reporting false information and getting away with it. They should have to pay. They can destroy a person's life and are not even held accountable.

Paleface speaks

This is in reference to changing names of professional high school, colleges, what have you, because of our Native Americans. Our Native Americans are complaining, like the Washington Redskins. If I was the owner of these teams, I would tell them to shut up, this is my business. I own it. I own the rights. They've had years and years to buck this system and do it right. They got the reservations. They got the casinos. They got the fishing rights. They get compensation from the federal government to all their siblings. Now they want to do this. You've had plenty of time to file an appeal on it. We've already had to pay for the roads going through Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico. Take a break. God bless America.