Monday, October 21, 2013

Taking care of business - not!

Obama is without a doubt the most anti-business president we have ever had, and the economy shows it. The working man is a dying breed in this country.

Damage control

How much more damage will Obama be able to do before the 2016 election when we have a chance again to elect someone who can really fill the shoes of the U.S. presidency? We have elected an extremely unprepared, incompetent person to the highest office of our country.

Shame, shame, shame

An article in your paper not long ago related the story of some bogus code enforcement letters being sent to people who obviously had code violations. The actual Sikeston Code Enforcement folk wanted it known that they were not responsible for those bogus letters that had gone out. "We didn't do it!" Well, why not? They should have been the ones dealing with these very obvious code violations. They have been very lax on code enforcement. A person only needs to drive around Sikeston to realize that code enforcement has been sleeping on the job. This newspaper must also be taken to task for not following up on that article about the bogus code enforcement letters. The newspaper had a responsibility to further question why an ordinary citizen needed to go to such lengths to try to get violations corrected, rather than being able to rely on these very capable city code folks to do what we pay them to do. Needless to say, I'm being a little facetious when I state that. Also, why doesn't our very capable - again I'm being facetious - city council address this problem of code enforcement as well? That news article about those bogus letters should have raised a red flag and generated an inquiry into the operations of code enforcement, or the lack thereof. Shame on Sikeston Code Enforcement. Shame on the City Council. And shame on this newspaper for not following up on a very obvious and real problem. Now, all of your get busy and do what you should have already done.