Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coffee, tea or me?

To the Semo men looking for single women. Well, the single Semo women would like to meet single men here. Good luck here in Sikeston. I know there is a church that has a singles potluck night, but I don't want to cook and drag a dish to meet someone. What happened to just cookies and coffee? It doesn't take a meal to know if I want to date anyone there. If you have done the singles thing for any length of time, you know what you're looking for. Good luck if you are doing the bar scene. I don't. I am tired of everyone trying to fix me up with people that they think is right for me. I really wish I knew the answer because there are a lot of single men and women that would like to meet each other and be happy. Some of us would just like companionship or someone to have dinner with or to just hold hands on a walk. So my single man, I hope you find someone you can enjoy having a relationship with. I know it's not fun being alone if you're young or you're old. Good luck.

Puppet master

This Obamacare is really a rerun of Hillarycare. She tried to get it passed when Bill was in office. She made a deal with Obama. She and Bill would help him get in office and put Hillarycare in as law and he would help her get elected in 2016, and the gangster-type government would continue. Remember when Obama was in Congress? He never voted yea or nay and just abstained so nothing could be used against him. He said nothing about anything being discussed. He still knows nothing about anything going on in this country. Are we sure he has a college degree? Is this another story he has told us? And I do believe he and his family should pay for their own health insurance.