Friday, November 15, 2013

Biggest bully

United States has the largest military budget in the world. We're the bully of the world. There is an endless amount of money available to this military. This military can start paying for the damage they've done to our young men. It comes out of their pocket because whatever is wrong with these young men is their fault from their training methods. They are not fighting for patriotism. They are fighting for the corporate state, the fascist corporate state that America is. Tell the American people the truth.

Save our earth

I hate to use profanity, but capitalism is profane - the word, the idea, everything associated with it. Has anyone seen any insects? Where are the birds? I don't see any worms. I don't see any flying creatures. I don't see any crawling creatures. How long are these companies going to be allowed to stay in business and poison the earth, people and every creature on the face of the earth?