Friday, November 22, 2013

Two of the lucky ones

This is on the Affordable Care Act. My husband and I are both retired union. We do not pay a dime for our insurance or our medical part of it for drugs. This is in our union contract and we retired and we so unions are a good thing. I feel sorry for the people in Missouri, especially the ones that voted Republican or who are Republican that can't afford this because right now Missouri is only offering Blue Cross Blue Shield on the exchange. What happened to the other 32 exchanges? There are supposed to be 33 in all to be able to benefit from these new exchanges. I really feel sorry for these people because they are not gonna make it when the Republicans are in charge of us here and they won't let Obama do his job and won't take a stand. All Missouri has is Blue Cross Blue Shield which is one of the highest paid insurances around. They pay absolutely nothing in return, yet you pay the high premiums. I feel so sorry for these people because Missouri is not offering these exchanges. Tell Missouri to get with the program and help these poor people. I am one of the lucky ones that don't have to pay it because we are retired union.