Friday, November 29, 2013

Here's the skinny

I am calling about the comment on Wednesday about someone looking for single little people or skinny people. There are plenty out here, you just have to get out and look for them.

I'd like to phone a friend

This government is really getting pitiful that they let one person have two of these free phones, one for himself and one for his girlfriend and him set up and laugh about it. Don't work, draws food stamps and set up and say, "I got me another free phone." There's nothing wrong with helping people, giving them a phone to help them through the month, but there's something wrong with that. They need to check into that. This is getting ridiculous when these people here in the Sikeston area are getting two of them.

Shedding light on rules

I have noticed several places here in town where people aren't aware of the traffic rules. If you are going north on Main toward the hospital, you are not supposed to turn left into the strip mall where Buffalo Wild Wings is. You need to go to the light at Lake Street. That's why they put a light there. If you are making a left at Taco Johns at Subway, don't use the left turn lane that is for eastbound traffic turning left towards Veterans Park. You are on the wrong side of the road. At Selma or going into Aldi's, there's no right turn lanes. Look at the light at Aldi's. You've got a straight arrow and a right turn arrow in that far lane there. We need to get these traffic lights where you don't have to stop at every one of them also. I think MoDOT is falling down on their job on that. There's no need to go a block, stop, go another block, stop. That's just a waste of fuel.