Thursday, December 19, 2013

Safety is Number One

I'd like to comment on a job well done by the Charleston R-1 School District for keeping our children safe during a bomb threat Dec. 12. The teachers and staff did a terrific job of evacuating the schools and keeping our children safe. I know some parents felt that they should have been informed sooner as to where their children were taken, but thank God the number one priority of our school is keeping our children safe and not texting parents. Thanks Charleston School for a job well done. I am not an employee of the school district. I am a citizen that lives close to the schools and saw firsthand how the teachers acted.

Playing to pay

I just got the paper. I'm gonna have to win that Mega Millions. From what they are proposing on the school tax, I'm gonna need it. Mine is gonna go up about $200 a year. Nobody can be that stupid to vote to raise that kind of taxes. If that passes I will be selling out and leaving this country in a heartbeat. I hope I don't get run over by the others trying to do so also. We've really got some winners running this show, don't we?