Friday, December 20, 2013

Move over, Rover

It's getting that time when people are rushing to get their presents bought for Christmas. Please have a little consideration of fellow shoppers. If you haven't seen Thelma in "coons' ages" and want to catch up on cousin Leroy, would you please move your carts to the side so others can get on with their shopping. I have been blocked with scooters and stopped carts in the middle of the aisle with women checking their pocketbooks. People, it's just like driving on the highway. If you want to stop, you pull off to the side.

Knock, knock

Mr. Jensen, your readers may be interested to know that even with the security forces, secret service and armed forces of all the most powerful nations on the planet guarding world leaders at Nelson Mandela's funeral service Tuesday, Dec. 10, a man suffering from schizophrenia stood three feet from each of them. Thamsanga Jantjie, who stated in an interview that he saw angels and sometimes became violent, stood there as world leaders spoke, faking sign language for the hearing impaired. It proves what Michael Corleone stated was true, "Anyone can be reached." I would have signed this letter but I did not want the NSA, HLS, FBI, IRS or God knows what other agency knocking on my door!

Christmas diners?

If there are any restaurants that are going to be open on Christmas, would you please call into SpeakOut and let that be known.