Friday, January 3, 2014

If it's not right, leave

Well, I see our freedom of free speech is under attack. I'm so proud of that dude from Duck Dynasty for speaking out the way he did. And now you have the Methodist church performing gay marriage. You don't even need to attend a church like that. If the Lord don't hurry up and come back, we've not seen nothing yet. That's why we need to start paying close attention to what's going on in our churches. If you see things going on you know is not right, it's time to leave.

Teach the children

I just read all the letters to Santa from the kids. There are about a half-dozen kids that know what Christmas is. I feel sorry for the kids when the parents don't teach them what Christmas is all about. They want x-boxes, iPads, computers. What happened to the good old days when kids were happy with a toy or what their parents could afford to give them? Teach the kids what Christmas is about.

Give 'em a chance

To the cruel heartless person who has been dropping off their unwanted dogs at Holiday Courts on 61. Please quit doing this in the dead of winter. Please take them to the Humane Society so they have a chance to find a home. They give us unconditional love and they deserve the same.

Everyone should pay

Giving my opinion on the school tax issue, why is it up to the property owners? I agree we should pay a portion of it but the rest of it should be in a portion of a sales tax. That way everybody that has children and goes to purchase something in Sikeston, it would help pay for the school. It should not all be left up to the property owners.