Monday, January 6, 2014

A bird in the hand . . . .

This is to the all people that did their Christmas online that Fed Ex and UPS couldn't deliver. Why didn't they go to the store and get it? They couldn't help it that it snowed and they couldn't get the stuff delivered. As far as the senators and representatives fussing about it and saying the people should get their money back because Fed Ex and UPS should have been better prepared, well, my God, the senators and representatives leave for everything. They can breathe hard and they leave town. I think they should leave Fed Ex and UPS alone. If they wanted to make sure they had it in time for Christmas, they should've gone to the store and bought it.

High cost to see basketball

Did I hear the sports announcer on the radio say that the tickets to the ringside seats to the Charleston-Sikeston game are $25?