Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Here's your bonus

I would like to speak to some employers about when they give Christmas or end-of-year bonuses in that unless you have a financial reason and inform your employees in advance that you will have to make cuts to the bonus that you gave the previous year or years. Many employees as "Clark Griswold" so eloquently put it in "Christmas Vacation," come to expect it as part of their salary and to pay off the credit cards that they used to buy their family's Christmas gifts. If you don't let them know ahead of time that you will not be providing as much as the previous year, they can't make adjustments to their spending accordingly. You would think that employer's would be a little more sensitive to the finances of the people that worked their butts off to make them such a great living, and in most cases, the much larger Christmas bonuses that they get every year.

Loving the hating

I'm responding to the "Bad ads and neighbors" speakout. This person was complaining about Miner. I live in Miner. I hate all of my neighbors and they hate me. My neighbors on the other side of them, they hate each other and we all like it just fine. So if you don't like it, get out.