Friday, February 14, 2014

Too long a wait for trial

I am speaking about our judicial system we have in Sikeston and Scott County. I was concerned about the people that are sitting up in Scott County Jail, wasting all the taxpayers' money just sitting up there in jail. The prosecutor was willing to take these people to trial, not just leave them sit up there in jail, Sikeston would be a lot better than it should be. They have a prosecutor and judge working together, half the people sitting in jail just riding the docket. The bonds are too excessive. The bonds supposed to meet the criteria of the crimes. Take them to trial. Only murder cases supposed to be sitting in jail between 2-3 years. They got people up there in the county jail for petty crimes waiting to go to trial for 1-2 years. It doesn't take that long to take people to trial. It's a recession out here and people still using the law, the state and the federal government as a tool to get more money to drain the state. That's why the economy is so bad. All I'm asking is for the people to just look and wonder why some people are still in jail with high bonds. That's all I really wanted to say and have a blessed day.

Political corruption

Our president said this is no longer a Christian country. He is implementing policies to make his words true. The important this is that even if this country is no longer Christian, that we continue to be a Christian people. Politics is corrupting our country.

Up in smoke

Hello Southeast Missouri. Another pleasant little tidbit of a story for your SpeakOut. I see where the National Weather Service in Paducah has issued a red flag warning for burning because of the high winds. I live here in Miner. Back behind our house, just a few blocks, MoDOT has got a big fire going down there. I guess if you have that logo on the side of your vehicle, you can pretty much do whatever you want. It's a government thing. Also another government issue. They are trying to deter people from smoking and all that, and they now want to approve pot. That's still smoking. I think the politicians used all the samples when they were voting on that agenda. I just hope they don't legalize meth here in Missouri because that's what's here a lot. I think our politicians need to get it together.

Deliver de letter

I am furious with our Sikeston postal service. There is a huge problem that is getting bigger every week. Yesterday I decided to contact SpeakOut. I live on Laurelwood. My mail is not delivered until very later, after dark. That it in itself is bad enough, as that means many nights our mail sets in the mailbox all night since people forget about checking the boxes after about 7 p.m. I checked my mail over four times last night and had no mail. I assumed I probably just did not receive mail yesterday. Then as I was leaving for work this morning I noticed a note card on the ground by my mailbox. It was a piece of mail to me. So, I opened my box to find my mail evidently was delivered even later than usual Monday night. Inside the box I found several important tax forms, including a bank statement that was my neighbors. So due to the mail being delivered so late, part of it is now on the ground and mail is getting mixed up and delivered to incorrect addresses. A few weeks ago one of my own confidential bank statements was in my box opened. My neighbor had received it and accidentally opened it and then put it back in my box. I am sick of this. I pay a lot of taxes in this city. In addition, I am still a very good postal office customer. I still mail a lot of things. I am just about to explode though. Mail is important and personal. Mail should be delivered at a reasonable hour. Mail should be placed in the correct boxes. Mail should never be dropped and left on the ground because it is too dark outside for the postman to see. I expect the mail to be delivered so that when I get off of work in the late afternoon, it is in my box ready to pick up. I do not expect to have to go outside all hours of the night with a flashlight to get my mail. My neighborhood all feels the same way. We are sick of this.