Saturday, March 22, 2014

Leftover pickup

I pick up leftover garage sale stuff and bag it, box it and take it away at no charge. This is a free service. The items we pick up will go to help the needy. Call 380-6821 or 667-0013.

Rock our roads

I'd like to know how expensive gravel is. I live in New Madrid County and I know everyone has travel issues because of the winter. But those of us that live on gravel roads, actually they are about 80 percent dirt roads. I live in this county and have all my life. There are some roads that have never seen any gravel. I'm talking decades. You are gonna have more problems if you don't have a solid base on your roads. What's most discouraging and the biggest problem I have as a taxpayer is we deserve roads. We are driving on dirt which is most susceptible to moisture and the weather. We are not asking for paved roads, we are simply asking for gravel. That's not asking too much. I've seen their condition decline over the years. People need to remember that when they go to vote for the ones that make the decision on where to spend the tax dollars and how your roads and bridges are maintained on your county roads.

Paid too much

I saw on the ticker this morning where the President is trying to raise the wages of the executive and professional workers. He needs to cut a lot of their salaries. Executives don't do anything anyway, just sit up there on their fannies and do nothing.

Or sometimes they just answer SpeakOut calls.

Go figure

Mr. Editor, I read in your March 16 SpeakOut, your comment that the economy would lose if this much money is taken out of the economy. Your response was how to figure the amount and the caller was using the $1 a day figure given by the administration. Secondly, you state that the school district envisions the economy will prosper. Well, what else would you expect them to say? Boy, your'e naive.

Free living

In response to "No effect." You said you are on Social Security, you didn't own a car and you didn't pay taxes. Well then, you must be living in government housing or with relatives.

Make the call

This is in response to "Get out of my space," about people parking in the handicapped parking spots. You went on and on and on about this, but what did you do to try to stop it? You need to call the police. Don't just gripe about it. Do something. Call the police. They will ticket them 50 bucks.