Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kick out the bruisers

I would like to say something about these old gals that just gotta have a man. They live with any old thing that comes along, leave their babies with them that abuse them and the mothers never say anything about them. And finally, they kill the baby and the mothers are just so upset. I agree that if somebody hurts or kills a baby, they should be punished. But mama should be punished too right along with them. Take care of your children and leave Tom, Dick and Harry alone. If you see one bruise, kick them out and call the law. If you don't, whatever happens is your fault. And you should be punished just as severely.

One in every crowd

This is in response to "If you can't stand the fire." You are an idiot.

Make it two in the crowd

This is in response to "Catty remark." You're an idiot too.

What's new pussycat?

To the lady on Wakefield. Our city ordinance requires cats to have collars and be on a leash if they are out of your yard. Your cats roam free throughout the neighborhood. They are always on my car, my carport, sitting on my picnic table, on my patio and staring in my windows. You seem to have a collar and leash on your husband, but you let your cats run loose. Please start keeping your cats in your yard if you want them. As for your husband, well I believe he has been trained fairly good over the years by you and his mother.

Not fair

People, don't you know Sikeston is geared for the rich? They only want rich people here. That's why we have to pay those school taxes. I don't have any children. I'm not married. I've never had children. But because I'm a homeowner, I have to pay school taxes which that's not fair either. They only want the rich to live here.

Ramblin' gamblin' man

I still want to know why the Department of Revenue is allowing all these illegal gambling machines in these businesses in Mississippi County and getting by with not paying any taxes. They need to come down and govern them anyway. They're 80/20. The companies are getting 80 percent and the customers are getting 20 percent. That's a rip-off. Why don't the Department of Revenue or the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department do anything about it? I have to pay taxes on everything I sell in my business.