Monday, April 7, 2014

Local or not?

I'm curious if the new school bond issue passes, is the Sikeston school gonna give any consideration to the local people who can provide services to help build these? Or is all of that money going to go to another town, like the BMU building and the city police department, which was quite unfair to Sikeston to have it sent someplace else.

Blackboard and potbelly stove

I've been reading so much about the schools, the schools this, the schools that. Somebody's paying school taxes, somebody's not. We all pay school taxes. There are so many new schools going up. Everywhere you look there's a new school. I've got a good education and my family has a good education. We went to little country schools that had dirt floors, potbelly stove in the middle of the floor. They would come to school and make a fire in the morning so it would be warm when the little ones got there. We had a bucket of water by the door and one cup. That was something. Just before we got ready to go home, we took turns sweeping and washing the windows. We got everything ready for the next day. Believe me, it was clean. We also had blackboards that we wrote on. We got a good education in these schools. So why are they griping about these high-priced schools? This is just for the big shots, not like the poor kids like we were.

I believe in Sikeston

I am calling in support of the school bond issue that will appear on the ballot this April 8th. Unfortunately our school leadership over the last couple of decades has failed. We have only built one new school building in the last 29 years. We are behind. A tour of local grades schools, or the C building at the local high school, makes this very evident. A 20 percent increase in our property taxes will go a long way to rectify this. As our schools are modernized, we will grow as a community. More businesses will want to locate her and more people will want to move her. Currently, thousands of people commute to Sikeston for work. We want these individuals to be some impressed with our town and our schools that they will want to move their families here. Then, they too, will support our tax base. This would not only help our schools, but our police department and city government. They will send their kids to our schools, spend more money at our local businesses and will attend our churches. If you believe in Sikeston like I do, please vote yes on April 8th on the bond issue.

Paying mine and their's

On the school bond issue, property tax, it's wrong. I don't have children. I don't mind paying my share, but for the ones that are sitting up there making children and not paying taxes and living off our taxes, they should paying their share for their child instead of us babysitting their derriere. Their children go to school on us while they lay on their backside laughing at us, 'I don't have to pay anything, the government is taking care of my babies.' Wrong. We are the taxpayers and we're tired of it. Go to work. Pay your own taxes.


This is to the guy that wrote "No freedom of choice" about Obama being a dictator. Amen, brother. If America don't wake up and get rid of this sucker, we're gonna all be in trouble.

Give it to God

All the complaints that are going around Sikeston, I would just like to say that you should leave it up to God and He will take care of everything. And that's all I have to say.