Sunday, April 13, 2014

So sorry

I would like to know if the people that work for the government or work for the welfare office, why they think they are better than some of us. I think they are about as sorry as they come, and that goes for Obama too.

Chiming in

Good afternoon, this is to our loyal readers of SpeakOut. An individual was clearly upset to hear chimes at noon over the intercom as they thought it was in Miner on the emergency system. It didn't come from Miner, it's all over. You are crying in your chimes. I hope the trucks didn't keep you awake. Have a chiming day.

Thank you for being a hag

This is to the Stay Out of Bars SpeakOut caller. Mind your own business -- go watch another Golden Girls rerun or something. Just because you are happy with your old hag and hanging out in church singing songs from the 1800s doesn't mean everyone else likes living that way. Lots of people like to drink alcohol and meet people and it turns out that bars are where you can do that. Doesn't mean we should get shot for doing it. I've been going to bars for years and have never seen a gun pulled out. The problem isn't bars. The problem is those weaksauce gangstas who are so afraid of getting punched in the face that they shoot at each other when their skank girlfriend steps out with another hood rat.

Utterly ridiculous

This is for that crazy old bat who is Down on Getting High: mind your own business. What do you care if we smoke marijuana? Maybe we just want to dumb ourselves down so your stupid comments don't cause us to have a stroke. You know what is ridiculous? Every word that comes out of your mouth. Quit selling alcohol in stores? Talk about ridiculous! You want everybody to do their drinking outside of their home so there will be even more drunk drivers for Juden to round up? Good thing you don't drink. Most people have to be drunk to come up with the crazy things that come out of your mouth. At least they have an excuse. What's yours?