Saturday, April 26, 2014

Not something to celebrate

Good morning Americans, here in the United States and abroad. My topic is the Boston Marathon. We're sorry for the destruction that was caused by some idiot from abroad that comes over and messes up a good thing. But celebration? I would not say that. I would recognize that it happened. But celebrating injuries and death is about like using the word Common Core for education. You make it whatever you want it be. A celebration is when we bring our troops back home where they belong. That is a celebration because they went abroad to take care of somebody else's problems. We have an inner core problem here in the United States where we can't even take care of our own because our homeland security individuals or what have you, cannot do their jobs. They can spend millions of dollars celebrating, as they say, a bunch of runners. Sure, it's a tradition. Fine. It brings in revenue. But what do our troops bring back? Nothing but body parts missing, crying, death. The same as the Boston Marathon but in multiples. Maybe John McCain, the senator in Colorado, must have been smoking some more dope again since he approved of it. But they want to send more troops, military equipment, to help fight against the Russians. The heck with them people. You don't see them giving a dime to us. Why are we acting like we are the United Nations Red Cross and all others. Ladies and gentlemen, our government is made up of, shall I say, who gives a crap about America. Lets see what I can do for my name. You know like the airplane that went down in Malaysia. I'm sorry it happened, but it happens at different times. Malasyia, that's their problem. And the drug lords of South Africa, that's an African problem. When it comes across the line into the United States, then that's our problem.

Looking for the truth

Can someone who goes to a church show me in the Bible where it teaches the Trinity? Read John, the first chapter. How can they say God is Jesus with a skin. Where in the Bible does it teach this? I am looking for nothing but the truth.

A Cross word

In response to the story, "'Carry the Cross' crosses state, nation and maybe the world." Thank you for allowing Scott Welton to print a front page article about Carry the Cross. Scott covered this movement clearly and accurately. Some new towns were added in Missouri: Kennett, West Plains, Norwood, Branson, Springfield, Camdenton, Waynesville, Jefferson City, Rolla, Vienna and some that have not reported. Springfield news was surprised of the simplicity and purity of the movement, to make Jesus known.

A little behind

On April 21st the advertisement from Charter TV is still on about Immediate Action is Required by April 15th for digital service. How much longer are we going to have to see this warning? April 15th has come and gone. Get up to date Charter!