Friday, May 2, 2014

Going up

Well, I seen on the news the other night where they weren't lying about the prices of dairy and meat going up in our grocery stores. And now our house rent is going up like crazy. We're all just gonna have to put our trust in the Lord for our needs. And that one person is right when the said this president had better not go against Israel. The Bible says I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse Israel. And one more thing, if that Barbie doll wife of his, Michelle, would stay off these planes and stop taking her mother places free of charge that would help. Our tax dollars are paying for all that. Thank you and God bless.

Loving the lane

Shady Lane is such a pretty street, has such lovely bushes and trees. Everything is blooming and I appreciate it so much.

Dope is everywhere

This is in response to "Dope is the deal breaker." It is not true that dope in Sikeston is the reason people aren't moving here. There's dope in every city and every little backwater creek in the United States. Ugh.

Crazy, just crazy

This is in response to "Missing bucks." Someone stole $30 out of a person's wallet and they want them to call and say they did it. That is so crazy. That is just crazy.

Need for service

As for going high definition, I have no services now. In between 10 boxes and three technicians, I still do not have great cable service. I just wondered if there was anyone else out there who is experiencing the same difficulties that I am having. I hope they can get something resolved so I can have service soon.

Uncommonly good

I just read the Common Core article in the Monday, April 21 editorial page. It is so comprehensive and excellent and so authoritatively written. I wish it would be reprinted in the Wednesday paper so that others have a chance to study it. It is the best I have seen and as taxpayers, parents, grandparents and concern for our students, it needs to be available for more people to read. It is very important. It has been said that it is the next generation that will rule us and we need to be careful how they are taught and what beliefs they come out with.