Monday, May 5, 2014

What time and where?

Would someone please put Weight Watcher times and meeting places in SpeakOut? I would like to go.

Sucks that he's gone

There used to be a man on Center Street who repaired sweepers. Does anyone know if he moved his location or retired? If he has, is there anyone in the Sikeston area who works on sweepers? I need somebody.

Sidewalk patrol

Why are state patrol allowed to block sidewalks here in town and the neighborhood? We had one over there on Red Arrow blocking the sidewalk. If I did that, I would probably get a ticket. It needs to be stopped. No excuses.

Nothing after 9

I don't know what good it's gonna do to set a curfew in Charleston. They shoot each other in broad daylight. If a curfew needed to be set, they need to set it sooner than 11 o'clock. It should be set at 9 o'clock. They need to be off the streets. Children are still probably still running the streets at 11 because that's the curfew. Anyhow I don't know what good a curfew is gonna do.

Do the rest, forget the west

This goes out to the county seat of New Madrid County, they forget about the west end of the county. We have a road over here that is approximately 12-14 miles long east and west. It's a very busy county road, school buses, mail routes etc., not to mention farmers and farm equipment. Most of the time, since the winter and spring rains, it's almost been impassable. It's 80 percent dirt and 20 percent gravel. I'm sure they are not aware of this because they forget about this end of the county. This is a very important road for this part of the county and it's like a muddy field road. We have roads on our farm that are more passable and in better condition than this county road. People live on this road and it's very busy. It has been neglected to the point that it almost needs to be closed down.