Saturday, June 21, 2014

Here comes the judge

You probably won't print this, but in my opinion the reason there are so many local bank robberies is there are so many namby-pamby judges. They robbed a Cape Girardeau bank, a man from Lilbourn gets four years. A woman robs a New Madrid bank, she gets two years. Wow! You get more for a DWI.

All you need is love

I'm for change. I believe it is time for there to be a change in Southeast Missouri. It is time for Christians to get over themselves. I, myself, am a transgendered female in the area. And I would like for people to understand that in the Bible there is hate. There's violence and there is cruelty. But the one thing Christ said more than anything was, "Love thy neighbor. The law is love. Do not judge people on who they are but instead judge yourself for the judgment you are putting on someone else. Do not judge someone for the dust in their eye, but instead for the log that is in yours. Share love and kindness and respect." There is nothing wrong with being homosexual. There is nothing wrong with being bi-sexual, lesbian or transgendered. In America, we have the right to be who we are. If you don't like homosexuality so much, pack your bags, leave America and go to somewhere like Russia. Open your minds and open your hearts. Christ loves all and accepts all. I hope you have a blessed day.