Saturday, August 9, 2014

Need more restaurants

I just wanted to shout out to the big wigs in Charleston, the city manager and so forth, why they can't bring some places to eat like Hardee's or a taco place. All we have is McDonald's and the rich man's place to eat. They can tear down everything, why can't they bring some businesses to town? That's all I got to say and that's enough.

Tell us about Ebola

I would like for you to explain to the public where Ebola come from, that disease they are talking about in Africa, where it come from and who invented it. It was invented by a person. We need to know where it come from.

According to the Associated Press, Ebola is a viral hemorragic fever and is only transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids of someone who is sick. The outbreak has now reached four countries in Africa. The outbreak that emerged in March has claimed at least 932 lives.

For your viewing displeasure

I want to know why in the world they are putting in a brand new theater that nobody in this town will be able to afford, except those that are well-off in their incomes? Why not get something that the children can do, the poor, the middle and the upper class that doesn't cost $100 to take your child to see a movie when I can wait for it to come out on Demand and pay an extra $5 on my cable bill. I do not understand why Sikeston is bringing businesses we do not need. We need to bring in things for kids to do to keep them out of trouble and give them some hope. We need to worry about the children, because the children are our future. I just don't get it.