Thursday, August 14, 2014

Free shot

I was just reading "Can't get over the bump." I've got another one. How about the weatherman that thinks he's playing basketball? Just wondering.

I will stand for Israel

I want to speakout about the war between Israel and Hamas. Israel is being blamed and Washington said we were appalled at the disgraceful attack on the school by Gaza in Israel. I believe Hamas did this attack and they are killing their own people and blaming Israel to get the sympathy of the world on their side. These people, remember, are terrorists. They will lie and stop at nothing to serve their agenda. The civilians there will not speak against Hamas for fear of being killed. Israel is our most loyal ally in the Middle East. She will defend us no matter what. Very little has been said about how Israel has suffered for years. Hamas has dug countless tunnels and sent terrorists into Israel at night to kill men, women and children by slitting their throats as they slept. Israel is the humanitarian people. God would never have written Genesis 12 and verse 3 that He would "bless those that blessed Israel and curse those that cursed Israel" if they were terrorists. I will stand with God and stand with Israel as long as their breathe in my body. My vote goes to support her and it would be to everyone's advantage to do the same thing.

Food for thought

This is to the person who wanted to feed illegal immigrants if they came to Sikeston. I got a better idea, why don't you go down there and feed them?

Fed up with Obama

Hello America, and I did say America. I have just seen some of the darndest things a person would do as a president. He is committing $33 million to Africa. What?! Keep our money here where our taxpayers can use it. To heck with that country. We're fed up. We're spending millions for illegals that come across the border and now we are giving to this country. Just where does he think that money is coming from? He's not paying anything. I'll be glad when he's out of the White House. We are going to have to refurbish it anyway. America, we have been taken for a ride. People that voted him in wanted a change. Well, you got it! Everybody needs Obamacare now. Good luck folks. Americans, you need to stand up and show pride in America. Support her. That goes for you too, Mr. President.