Monday, September 8, 2014

Bad results from bad decisions

I'd like to speakout about a certain company around here that is expecting others to bail them out because of their bad decision-making on their electric bill. I own a business myself. We have not nearly made the profit they have over the years, but I didn't go out to other people and ask them to pay a higher bill to help me when the economy crashed. When I lost money because of the economy, I didn't go ask the water company and the electric company to cut me slack. Elderly people using electric are on a fixed income so their bill should go up to help a billion dollar corporation? This is some bad decision making.

S'not very considerate

There was a woman shopping in a store the other day. She was coughing down every aisle, making no attempt to cover her mouth, not wearing a mask. Thanks to her, I am now coughing just like she was and I've had to make a trip to the doctor. Her inconsideration and indifference to the well-being of others borders on criminal in my book. She should have stayed home first of all, and secondly, should have worn a mask when going out. She knew she was sick. Anyone going out when they are sick and coughing, making no attempt to stay away and keep others from being infected should be charged with a misdemeanor and taking to court. With ebola and other diseases going around the world, people are going to have to be more careful.

No locks with glocks

I would like to know why most, if not all, of the Sikeston Police Department shave their heads? The men.