Monday, September 15, 2014

Prison is not enough

Regard Earl Ringo on death row, you think life in prison is enough punishment. Well, I don't! One reason is that I don't want to pay for murderer to live out his live. Even death row takes 15-25 years. Even worse is the victims family and loved ones have to pay to keep this scum alive. You say what is putting him to death going to solve? It gives the victims family a little bit of closure and it also makes sure that our wonderful President or stupid Governor doesn't pardon him so he can kill again. I'm also tired of do-gooders like you defending these killers. Poor little Earl probably was abused as a child and didn't get enough to eat and he murdered two people (that's not a lot) so let's let him out and let him live with you. I'm sure you would love that for what few days that you had left!

Just looking for answers

I'm calling about our Sikeston School Board. The last number of years I've been hearing so many negative things about them and what's going on in our schools. After reading Monday's article "More questions" it prompted me to call. I think it's time someone made a cool sweep of things. Just how do we find out what is really going on? I hear about closed meetings, meetings where the minutes are not recorded accurately when they have a special report of some kind. I am not pro or con Common Core. I don't know much about it, but I sure am hearing a lot of negative stuff. I was wondering if the school board came under the Sunshine Law. Can we go together and hire an attorney and get all these records? What can we do to make sure everything is open and above board in our local school system?

Not raised a Muslim

I do not like Obama. I think he is a terrible president. In Wednesday, Sept. 3rd's paper, someone said he was raised a Muslim. This is not true. He spent one year with his father at about six years old. He was raised in Hawaii by his white grandparents.

What a joke!

The bad thing about political jokes is they all get elected.