Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thank you

Hi, I want to thank the nurses and the CNAs at Missouri Delta Medical Center, the Sikeston hospital, for the care they gave my mother. I would like to thank Gertrude, Rene, Kenley and Christian on 2F and Angela and Sandra and all the staff members on both units for the help and care and love they showed my mother while she stayed in the hospital. Thank you. You all were great and we appreciate it.

Don't spare the rod

Hello Heartland, hello world or at least the United States. Topic: A.J. Petersen. So he whipped a child with a switch. I'm 55 years old. We got that many different times and we ain't dead, we aren't murders. People are sticking their noses in other families' business where it don't belong. Some of these kids these days need a good butt-whipping. It ain't saying much about the parents because they probably need one, too, cause the kids aren't being raised they are spoiled rotten. If the kid deserved it, it doesn't mean he was cruel. If not, you people need to stay out of his life and let him raise his own child. The government is already screwing things up

Search it out

In response to Sunday's Speakout, "Problems hard to solve." Maybe your problem is that you are watching Fox's News. Don't just believe everything you hear. Search it out for yourself. Then find the truth.

Define it please

What is your definition of foul language and what is your definition of free speech? You are an editor, you can certainly edit out. That is no excuse for not printing something. You can edit out what ever doesn't please you.

And I do!