Saturday, November 8, 2014

Go Bulldogs!

Sikeston is proud of the Bulldogs and the coaching staff. When we play teams that can recruit, of course they are going to have the top players for a season. Sikeston is awesome. We play our own kids and they work hard. Our season will come to an end and I hope we will stomp teams that can't play out of their own school's pool of kids. Go Bulldogs, you are awesome.

Where is it?

I was just wondering where the consignment shop that used to be at XXX is at? If somebody knows will they please let me know? Thank you.

Sorry, we couldn't understand the location you were asking for. Please call again.

Keep them off the streets

This is a concerned citizen and I would like to know what is the cops going to do about all these kids running up and down the street when all of them are suppose to be inside. Isn't there a curfew anymore? No wonder all these kids are getting into trouble because they are running up and down the streets. Someone should say or do something about it.

How about their parents?