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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Litter is not the problem

I am a very big supporter of Mayor Pullen, but I think litter is far from the thing that is hurting Sikeston. The lack of quality jobs with benefits and not allowing the city to compete with other cities because of low pay. Sikeston is slowly losing itself. I hear daily about people leaving because of no opportunities. Please save a city that people love. Bring good business and recreation or we will become a city truly in crisis.

Open and honest

Mike, I read your editorial in the weekend paper where our goal must be the best possible schools. This is not the fault of the citizens. It's the Board of Education and the administration that lie to the citizenry about Common Core. It's also the school board and the administration that have discouraged any communications with the school board and the administration. They should encourage the public to attend the school board meetings. They should encourage discussions at the school board meetings. They should be open about their meetings and its process and quit trying to deceive the citizenry. The citizenry has done nothing wrong here. No one wants to be lied to, especially when you are paying their salary. If they want to make amends with the public, they need a change in leadership.

Informed and amused

Your editorial on the Sikeston School Board was informative and amusing. Yes, amusing. You pointed out that those on the board spent countless, unpaid hours for the good of our schools. If this job is so draining, why do the candidates spend hundreds of dollars to get elected? I know the answer and so do you. Suggesting that anyone put their name on the ballot and trade chairs was a very amusing statement. Just like when we were in school, if you don't have the right address you don't count. Not a chance in heck someone outside the "they think they are elite" group would ever be elected to serve on the board.