Saturday, November 22, 2014

Give and you will receive

Recently my Mom was in the hospital for months. During that time, her and Dad's church pitched in to help transport Dad (he no longer drives) to see her. And they brought more food to the house for him than he could possibly eat. After Mom and Dad giving all these years to the church, it was heartwarming to see it returned.


I want to know what in the world is wrong with Sikeston Public Schools when as cold as it was, they had the elementary children outdoors? That is my concern. In this cold weather, the little people were outside. Our school system needs help.

Minute by minute

This is to "Hang 'em up." Oh yeah, buddy, I got one of them free phones and I'm not on welfare. Dadgum, it sounds like you're just a little bit jealous that someone can get a free phone and free minutes, 250 of them every month. Eat your heart out!

I do believe

As I read Mike's article about Ferguson, Mo., my heart has been so troubled about this for so long since it happened. I want to talk about the officer. My heart goes out to him. I do not believe he shot this young man without a reason. And I do not believe he did it without a reason. I believe he should be found innocent. I do believe that all these problems, the riots and all these other things that are happening, they should come to an end. I do believe that the jury should find Officer Wilson innocent. My prayers go out to the family of the young man who died, but my prayers also go out to Officer Wilson very much so. I do believe that all these people that caused these problems and these riots and break-ins, will answer to God. Just like these people that are blaming Officer Wilson, they will answer. What is the reason of us having police if they cannot stand up for themselves if they feel like they are in harm at the time? Why should we have police anywhere? I live in Sikeston. We have a lot of bad things that go on here. We need a lot of prayer in our nation right now. I do believe Officer Wilson should be found innocent. My heart goes out to him. Prayers be with him. God bless him.