Friday, December 5, 2014

Defense, not welfare

Amnesty will destroy the America we have known and loved. The illegals are to be welcomed as workers, yet we have tens of millions of unemployed on welfare. We can't afford to pay the impossible debt we have. As many as 30 million illegals have poured across the border. Many are illiterate, coming in to get free health care, education, food stamps, then green cards, Social Security, drivers licenses and unemployment. Nothing to keep them from voting. How can we house them? Already one out of 30 school children are homeless. That doesn't count preschoolers. In the Constitution, our treasury was to be used mainly for defense, not welfare, and only those taxpayers who paid into the treasury had a vote. It's a recipe for lawlessness and chaos.

One-sided support?

If Michael Brown had shot and killed the policeman while trying to get in the car, would all these people have shown up to protest his death? Would anyone be protesting in all these cities for him? Would Obama and Holder made speeches and shown all this support for his family?