Friday, December 12, 2014

Barney and Foghorn Loghorn

This call is about the Ferguson supporters. We have a coward governor and a chicken president. We passed the law after 9-11 called the Homeland Security Act and the actions that were done in Ferguson were considered terrorism. They are homegrown terrorism. They should have been shot, not babied, shot. And they still could be if we had a government that was for the people, by the people. Tell your representatives we are getting tired of this. We cannot support the government if the government doesn't support us.

When's it gonna stop?

When is somebody gonna do something about those stupid protestors? It said they were gonna demonstrate at SEMO College too. They ain't got no business protesting anywhere. They've already protested at Ferguson where it happened. I think the police at SEMO should arrest those idiots and put them in jai. SEMO College don't have a durn thing to do with what happened at Ferguson.