Saturday, January 10, 2015

Don't be too quick to judge

I would like to speakout about the handicapped plate vehicles and the person stating that the person driving the vehicle didn't look handicapped to him or her. I am a handicapped person. I've worked for 45 years in the nursing industry. My back is so messed up now that I cannot even sit or stand for 15 minutes. I know several other people that have been in the nursing profession that have worked with me and others who are not. Their backs are always in terrible shape from lifting and helping and doing what they can for the other person so they are not in pain. But now we suffer. I have had 11 surgeries on my back with more to come on my lower hip, my left leg, my right leg. These surgeries are ones that I am not looking forward to. I would give anything in this world for my back, legs and neck to feel good again. If you or anyone else, can get me a new back, neck, legs or hip, I would appreciate it. The next time you want to judge someone because of their outward appearance, you might want to look in the mirror just a little bit because we are all not the same. Just because someone has a handicapped plate, doesn't mean you can see the handicap. Please think before you judge. How do you think that makes us feel when we hear you make comments like this? Please be more considerate and don't judge from that first look. We would give anything in this world to be able to not be handicapped. Thank you and may God bless you one and all.