Saturday, January 24, 2015

Top of the goal

Obama has finally achieved his goal: the worst president in history. A bigger liar than Clinton, weaker and more cowardly than Jimmy Carter, bigger crook than Nixon and bigger racist and hypocrite than Lyndon Johnson. All the people who voted for him or didn't vote at all should be extremely happy. I and a lot of people I know think he's a curse on this country.

Sorry, wrong number

In regards to the holidays, the VFW had free meals for the elderly and the disabled. And the churches did. I called in several times, and I never got a free plate of food for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I wish you would please publish this so the public would know they are not doing nothing but lying.

I don't know what numbers you called, but apparently they were wrong. There were hundreds of people that received meals.

All day long

In regards to the Charter commercial on TV, they show it repeatedly all day long. And they don't even advertise the same phone number on their cards. Could someone please look into this matter?

It's an 800 number, not a local one.